That Forward Feeling
The Horsemanship of Elise Marie Weber

Communicate clearly and find the connection you have always wanted

In the coming years I hope to find appropriate land and the means to own it so that I may establish my own sanctuary for horses. This sanctuary will at all times serve the good of the horses and land. In addition I wish to share my experiences to help people that wish to find a deeper connection with themselves, each other, the world around them, and horses. 

Mission Statement;

Using the principles of good horse keeping, classical riding theory, and mindfulness I believe I can create a healing and educational environment for people and horses. My diverse background allows me to pull ideas from the many facilities I have worked out of and create a unique world class program.

 Article a. That Forward Feeling will provide a small herd of horses forever homes; if you are a horse person you know that ANY horse in in danger of going to slaughter. They don't have to be old, ugly, or blind. Every horse is in danger. My small herd of horses will be sourced from high risk situations such as craigslist, free to good home scenarios, and owner surrender. I will not buy from auction as I believe this only fuels the horse trade and slaughter industry. There are plenty of horses that can be saved before they reach the pipeline. I would also like to provide a special sanctuary for horses that have been determined to be "too dangerous" to be kept or kept alive. Out of 500+ horses I have never met a truly mean horse. I have met horses that were brilliantly scarred, on guard, and defensive. I know I can help horses like this and save them from the unknown. 
Article b. In addition I will provide discounted training and instruction purposes for horse owners who wish to take a lesson on one of my horses (finances from this are directly sourced back into the rescue), bring in their own, or chat online. The purpose behind this is to provide much needed services to horse owners whose pockets are already stretched by providing for their furry child. I feel it is my personal responsibility to share what I have learned about horses with the community. 

Article c. I would also like to provide discount/free services to rescues, their volunteers and other horse facilities across the country so that we may impact as many lives as possible using positive reinforcement based training. 

It is important to offer a safe environment for learning by allowing people to feel heard and ask questions without fear of negative criticism. I have a good eye and the experience to figure out how to teach individual types of learners. I have a very safe but casual approach to horses; there is no room for pretentiousness or egotism with these sacred animals.

I want to offer a variety of rare and sought after training techniques that work. Being with your horse should be pleasurable for both of you and communication is key. I am here to problem solve with creativity and empathy using my experiences and skills. I will offer weekend clinics, an apprenticeship program, and a small retreat. In addition I will be exploring topics in clinics such as;

Positive Reinforcement training
Liberty work
in hand work
De-bunking dominance theory
Trailer loading
Catching the hard to catch horse
Starting the young horse
Re-training problem horses
Haute Ecole theory and practice
Starting the young rider
Horsekeeping 101 for beginners
Grooming 101 at the upper levels (a preparation course for people seeking employment in the equine industry)
Equitation and Biomechanics
Classical Dressage for the recreational rider and more!
Behavioral Modification 
Standing for the farrier
Needle phobias
Whip shyness; how to actually fix it without freaking out your horse
How to teach a horse to move away from leg/whip without escalating pressures
Getting a horse "on the bit" without force
What is "forward"?

The Facility
I hope to obtain 20-90 wooded or partially cleared acres with a water source. 20-30 acres of this will be devoted solely to the horse rescue. Most horses will live outside in large paddocks in suitable herds and provided with fresh water, shelter, food, and daily care. There will be an outdoor arena that may be covered and span about 150 x 200, enclosed for liberty work and riding bridleless. There will also be a wooden round pen that meets the requirements for the mustang challenge, as that is on my list of things to do as well. Although horses will live outside there will be a small barn with about 8 stalls, a tack room, bathroom, kitchen, and wash stall with hot water. I would like to have a swimming hole for the horses and miles of trails across the property in addition to a few small XC jumps (bank, bunk, water drop, ditch), and an obstacle course. The rest of the property will be purposed to housing myself, a public tea house, guests and volunteers of TFF or the tea house, and a sanctuary for wildlife. There will be several structures built with aesthetic appearance and impact on the environment in mind, the horse farm, the tea house, a community garden, and perhaps a small amount of livestock for the purposes of sustaining our community.