That Forward Feeling
The Horsemanship of Elise Marie Weber

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Farm Calls for Lessons and Training

-$50 for a farm call within 20 miles, $1 a mile after that.  
-You pay the ring fee

Farm Calls for Behavioral Re-Conditioning
-$20 per participant with a minimum of 2 participants

Full Training Board
-send inquiry

****Lessons at location (NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME);

Unmounted work with my horses

Mounted work with my horses
-$80 for 45m-1hr (depends on intensity of work and lesson learned, its always best to end on a good note instead of trying to cram something in a few minutes before the end)
-$40 for 1/2 hour (this is best for longe lessons and small children)


Theory Classes
-$20 per participant minimum 5 participants meets once a week, bi weekly, or monthly.