That Forward Feeling
The Horsemanship of Elise Marie Weber

Communicate clearly and find the connection you have always wanted

Thank you for visiting  my page! Take a look around and see what I am all about.

                    So far I have put basic training on over 500 horses, most of them young or “problem” horses. I attended college at Meredith Manor International Equestrian Centre where I graduated with a Riding Master’s VI. After graduation I went on to work with several different upper level Dressage riders as a working student, groom, or apprentice; anyway I could find to immerse myself in Dressage that I could find.  In 2010 I began a partnership with Escipion Mendivil, a four star event rider from Mexico City and WEG competitor. Under his guidance I continued to train up the levels and spent time in Mexico catch riding. Upon returning to the states I began to build a small and loyal clientele near Middleburg, VA and worked with Regi Lorenz from Switzerland and her  horse  Marcello. In 2014 I moved to the Hudson Valley.

                  When someone asks me who has been my greatest teacher I always say, “My horses.” I found Dressage through my love for training problem horses and instantly became addicted to the sensation of finding complete harmony and oneness with a horse. My long term goal is to train into the upper levels and one day go bridleless. I have shown to 3rd level and ridden to 4th level. In addition to a passion for Dressage I have extensive experience with advanced groundwork and liberty training. The emphasis of my technique is to form a language with the horse based on trust. Using classical and operant conditioning I can teach the horse to communicate with me on the ground through body language, and in the the saddle he will come to understand my aids based on my equitation and subtle use of the natural aids. This approach helps a horse develop straightness, self-awareness, self-carriage and emotional stability. I also enjoy cross training my horses to produce sound athletes and often incorporate hill work, XC schooling, and grid work into my program.

                  Along with my passion for training comes a passion for teaching! I feel a sense of social responsibility that motivates me to pass on what I know so that many people can experience the change that horses bring into our lives. I now spend my days training my Halfinger Willie to do Dressage and find ways to utilize positive reinforcement in his training as well as my other training horses. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. 

About my partner in crime; the  Halfinger named "Willie";

                Willie is about 6 years old. I did not rescue him but someone else did. He was found through an ad on craigslist advertising a driving pair for sale. An older gentleman owned both Willie and his sister Bella but had never handled them. Willie was 2 or 3 years old at this point! Willie has taught me a lot of things about "liberty on parole" and sometimes just "liberty". He self loads into the trailer, plays soccer, does advanced synchronized liberty work, comes when you call him, rears on command, and is learning to lay down. He also trail rides, has training up to 1st level Dressage, has begun lateral work, and preparation for Piaffe.  He is my shining star.